Monday, July 25, 2011

Casual Media at its Finest

If you learn nothing else from this blog, please learn how bad the title of this picture is. The word "mediocre" is pretty much the last thing to come to my mind when I look at those statistics. But, for ESPN, MLB Network, etc, there is a large focus on win-loss record.

The above picture is a perfect example of why NOT to focus on win-loss record. Lincecum has an ERA under 1, a K/BB rate of almost 3, and is holding opponents to an abysmal .223. But, because of the Giants' poor offense, he has only an 8-8 record. Most of that is, in all likelihood, out of Tim Lincecum's control. This is exactly why we focus on statistics like FIP for pitchers. Team defense and offense can affect how a pitcher's "traditional" stats look. It is much more important in evaluating a pitcher to look at what he CAN control.

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