Sunday, June 19, 2011

Offensive Four Factors: New Jersey Nets

Our series will continue with the New Jersey Nets, a team who was unable to add a marquee free agent despite their imminent move to Brooklyn.  Adding Deron Williams was a minor coup, although he did little in the way of bringing up some of their horrible offensive numbers.

New Jersey Nets

Offensive Rating - 103.1 (27th)

Offensive Four Factors Performance

eFG%: 47.4% (27th)
TOV: 13.4% (t15th)
OREB: 26.1% (15th)
FTA/FGA: .215 (24th)

Once again, we see one of the league's worst offenses driven by their inability to score efficiently.  Despite being more of a jumpshooter, Brook Lopez was not the problem here.  The problem was with the point guards and the wings.  Devin Harris had an eFG of 45.2%, Jordan Farmar had an eFG of 47.5%, Travis Outlaw had an eFG of 42.7%, and Deron Williams had a putrid eFG of 39.6% in his short stint with the Nets.

However, I would expect there to be a decent bounceback next year, as Deron Williams will certainly recover (career eFG of 50.6%), and as long as he stays healthy, he should figure to cut deeply into the minutes that Jordan Farmar gets.  Of course, Devin Harris is no longer with the team.

Turnovers were once again driven by the guards - as Lopez and Humphries did well in protecting the ball.  The problem was Jordan Farmar's 16.7% turnover rate and Devin Harris' 17.5% turnover rate.  Deron Williams is not as good at protecting the ball as other elite point guards, but his shot creation and playmaking ability should ostensibly help going forward.

Offensive rebounding is the area where Brook Lopez's perimeter tendencies really come into play.  He had a putrid 7.8% offensive rebounding rate.  The Nets' league average OREB rate was driven by Kris Humphries and Derrick Favors (who is no longer with the team).

The Nets were towards the bottom of the league in terms of getting to the line.  This seemingly was driven by having wings who were primarily spot-up shooters.  Deron Williams will help, but the combination of a perimeter-oriented big + jump shooting wings will likely keep them at the bottom of the league in their ability to get to the line.  This isn't necessarily a big deal if the team can improve offensive performance in other areas, but unless they make another move this summer, I don't see the possibility of appreciable offensive improvement.

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