Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Offensive Four Factors

The Four Factors are what Dean Oliver identified in Basketball on Paper as the key to winning basketball games.  Over the next series of posts we will break down each team's production both offensively and defensively according to these metrics.  We will begin with offense.  

The Four Factors are:

Shooting (eFG%) **Insert link to eFG% post**
Rebounding (OREB%)
Ball-handling (TOV%)
Drawing Fouls (FTA/FGA)

We will look at each team on a case-by-case basis, providing a brief explanation of their relative performance in each factor.  We'll start at the bottom of the league with the Milwaukee Bucks and work our way to the top of the league with the Denver Nuggets.  A new team will be profiled each day.  Each team will be looked at in great detail.  The goal is to provide context for each team's performance on the court.

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